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Elinan koulutukset

10/2023 Vistabel meeting. Allergan Aesthetics, Tukholma

9/2023 Discover your ﮿ 360 with Allergan Aesthetics, Tukholma

8/2023 HArmonyCa™ - The synergy of two in one, hands-on training, Allergan Aesthetic, Helsinki

6/2023 Beauty Through Science - The top experts in aesthetic medicine gathered at a live boutique meeting, sharing and discussing the latest in the field, Tukholma

3/2023 Allergan Aesthetic, Spring Meeting, Tukholma

1/2023 Endymed WorkShop, Oslo

11/2022 Melon, Radiesse training, Lasarus Mitrofanoff, Helsinki

10/2022 Beauty Ideas & Injection Techniques, Tips & Tricks with Botulinum Toxin, Biostimulators, Filler Complications and LIVE Injection Demonstrations, Dr. Arthur Swift,  New York

10/2022 Periorbital Refinement with MD Codes, Step 2, AbbVie, AMI Trainer Dr Karim Sayed, Helsinki

6/2022 IMCAS World Congress, Paris 

5/2022 Vistabel Masterclass, AbbVie, AMI Trainer Dr Karim Sayed, Helsinki 

5/2022 The concept of Consultation, Assessment and Treatment Planning using a HOLISTIC approach, AbbVie, AMI Trainer Carl Westerby, Helsinki 

5/2022 XO-Lips, AbbVie, AMI Trainer Nurse Elin Kringen Langeland & Dr Richard Vikor, Helsinki

3/2022 Sunekos - injections, Helena Lejon, Helsinki

3/2022 Spring Meeting - With Holistic Beauty in Mind, Tukholma

2/2022 Wonders of Profhilo, Face and Neck, IBSA, Helsinki

12/2022 Vistabel meeting, Allergan, Tukholma

11/2021 Anatomy Masterclass - Nordic AMI Event, Allergan, Tanska

10/2021 Periorbital refinement with MD Codes and Juvederm Vycross, AMI Trainer Dr Stephan Dietz, Helsinki

4/2021 Simplifying Mid-Lower face shaping; The 7-point/9-point shape, Allergan, AMI Trainer Dr Karim Sayed, virtual

4/2021 With Science In Mind 2021 -virtual, Allergan

5/2021 Sculptra Hands-on, Galderma, Helsinki

3/2021 Virtual Sculptra Launch, Galderma, Helsinki

3/2021 Master Class, Galderma Tomi Miettinen, Helsinki

3/2020 Zo Skin Health Inspiration Day, Dr. Michael Zangani

11/2019 Complications Management, AMI Trainer Dr Stephan Dietz, Helsinki

11/2019 Profiloplasty and lower face contouring with MD Codes and Juvederm VOLUX, AMI Trainer Dr Stephan Dietz, Helsinki

10/2019 Master Injector Meeting, Dr Tapan Patel, Allergan, Tukholma

9/2019 AMI MD Codes , Dr Mauricio de Maio, Allergan, Malmö

9/2019 Juvederm Vycross, The 7 -point & The 9 -point chin & jawline reshape -koulutus, Allergan, Helsinki

8/2019 ZO Skin Health & ZO Medical Training, Helsinki

6/2019 Workshop 3 topics in one, Skintech Pharma Group Academy,  Barcelona

5/2019 Juvederm alakasvojen MD-codes, Allergan, Helsinki

4/2019 Facial Anatomy Cadaver Training, Allergan, Varsova

3/2019 Allergan Spring Meeting 2019, Allergan, Tukholma

3/2019 Juvederm keskikasvojen MD-codes, Allergan, Helsinki

2/2019 Vistabel hands-On, Allergan, Helsinki

2/2019 Syneron Candela, Elos Plus -training, Helsinki

1/2019 IMCAS World Congress, Paris

9/2018 Juvederm Volite Hands-On, Upviser, Helsinki

11/2018 5-International Annual meeting Peelings & injection, Lissabon

8/2018 AQ Skin Solutions -training, London

8/2018 Syneron Candela, Elos Plus -training, Helsinki

8/2018 InnoPen Medicalia mikroneulaus, Helsinki

8/2018 SkinTech Pharma Group, kemialliset kuorinnat ja mesoterapia aineet

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